Tre and TJ In The Mix: Turn Up Your Brain Power

This fictional book features how students identify and activate their respective learning styles with the help of their super cool teacher, AJ-the-DJ, who explores new ways of teaching. Additionally, it highlights Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University theory of multiple intelligences. Included in the book is a learning style chart, and a writing template for learners to compose their own writing piece. Students are in the mix or actively engaged when they “swag out” to their learning fix or learning styles in the classroom to help them meet or master learning standards and achieve their learning targets. When students are actively engaged this helps them to obtain brain power in the classroom.

A Rainbow Across St. Louis Skies

A Rainbow Across St. Louis Skies is set against the inner city backdrop of St. Louis, Cynthia C. Boone is a single mom with five children. Cynthia leads her family in their drama-filled journey in her impoverished neighborhood and the various societal ills many families face living in the inner city. Each person has an assigned color association creating Cynthia’s colorful Rainbow family. A fast moving character-enriched narrative with subtle commentary about the pitfalls of living in a low income, impoverished neighborhood. Cynthia charts her journey towards self-efficacy and self-worth. At its heart is the perseverance of a mother’s love and the ever present hope of promise.

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