Book Characters

Hope JaNay Boone

Hope JaNay Boone Nickname: Lil’ Bit Hope JaNay Boone (9 years old). Societal Ill- Symbolism prejudice. She represents being pre-judged by society due to the way she looks, and the color of her skin. Color Yellow. Nickname is Lil’ Bit. She is the fifth and youngest...

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Cherise LaShay Boone

Cherise LaShay Boone Nickname: Cherri Cherise LaShay Boone (14 years old). Societal Ill: Living in an impoverished neighborhood stifles her dream of being a pediatrician. Poverty, and a poorly funded school system. Her color is red. Nickname Cherri. She is the fourth...

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Destinee Shaunte’ Boone

Destinee Shaunte’ Boone Nickname: Peaches Destinee Shaunte’ Boone (15 years old). Societal Ill: Low self-esteem. Her color is pink. Nickname: Peaches. She is the third child born to Cynthia. Shortly after Peaches was born, Cyn remembers holding that honey-colored...

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Cathy Cynnamon Boone

Cathy Cynnamon Boone Nickname: Cynammon Cathy Cynnamon Boone (18 years old). Societal Ill: Teenage Pregnancy. Her color is green. Nickname: Cynammon. She is Cynthia’s second born and the eldest girl. She loves clothes and experimenting with hairstyles. Cynnamon is...

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Christopher Charles Boone

Christopher Charles Boone Nickname: Boona Christopher Charles Boone (19). Societal Ill: Gang-banging. His color is purple. Nickname: Boona. Cynthia’s eldest and only son. Purple means authority. He doesn’t have his father in his life. His father succumbed to gun...

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Cynthia Cromwell Boone

Cynthia Cromwell Boone Nickname: Cyn Cynthia Cromwell Boone (Mother). Societal Ill: Alcoholism. Nickname: Cyn. Her color is Blue. Blue means love and security. Cynthia is a single mom. She married and subsequently divorced at a young age. Her ex-husband was killed at...

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