Cherise LaShay Boone

Nickname: Cherri

Cherise LaShay Boone (14 years old). Societal Ill: Living in an impoverished neighborhood stifles her dream of being a pediatrician. Poverty, and a poorly funded school system. Her color is red. Nickname Cherri. She is the fourth child born to Cynthia. Cherri is just like her name announces. She’s bright and cheerful. She has a mane of thick, red bushy hair, and her skin has a glowing, reddish-coppery hue. She has a round pie face, small gapped teeth and full lips that produce a big smile and yet her confidence manufactures even bigger dreams. Cherri wants to be a pediatrician. Cherri is given the color red, a red that is bold and confident. Cherri has what the old folks call an “old soul.” This old soul directs her passions and desires towards becoming a doctor.